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Here We Go...

I'm a writer who loves to think, or you might say I'm a thinker who loves to write. Either way, getting my thoughts out of my head and on paper (or laptop screen) frees up space in my head to, well, think and write some more.

For the longest, my thoughts remained safe within the confines of my many journals stacked neatly in my room, filled with epiphanies, triumphs, disappointments, and questions – some of which remain unanswered to this day. Only recently have I felt a tug to share my thoughts more openly. I’ve never been a huge fan of “blogs,” or more accurately, the idea of having one of my own. Maybe it’s the word “blog,” which seems to minimize the sacredness of someone sharing their heart with others, mainly strangers, that turns me off. For that reason, I will call this my Journal – allowing you access to a few of my many ruminations.

Although I've had an aversion to this type of online sharing, something within me knew I would eventually end up here; pouring out my heart to a blank page on a screen like I've done so many times in the past when I set out to put pen to paper. Only this time, I'm aware of the possibility that others are peering over my shoulder.

While a bit uncomfortable in this space, I welcome you to take a peek inside my mind and hear my heart. Hopefully, you’ll find commonality in some of the content I share.

So, as the title of this little note says – here we go . . .

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