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dayna reed

          Author of Guilt-Free Mommy

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Countless moms quietly wrestle with mommy guilt – those mental attacks that call into question the adequacy of their parenting ability; from subtle intimations, to being regularly riddled with guilt. Where do these nagging thoughts originate, and why do moms so easily and often buy into their exaggerated accusations? 


There are numerous triggers that can invite this onslaught. Recognizing what sets off your “guilty voice” is the first step to turning down the inner noise.


In Guilt-Free Mommy, Dayna, mother of two, sets out to uncover possible patterns in your life that, once identified and avoided, can repel the negative advances of mommy guilt, while also providing methods to help you release the fear of “doing it wrong”  - strengthening your confidence as a mom. Recognizing what sets off your “guilty voice” is the first step to turning down the inner noise.


Mommy guilt – your days are numbered!

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"Reed delivers a wonderfully uplifting volume. This concise, highly informative work is highly recommended to anyone looking to explore this phenomenon... especially mothers who need help in             quieting their inner 'Mean Girl'. 

 -Readers' Favorite


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

~Henry David Thoreau~

I’m what you might call a realistic dreamer – having one foot in both worlds of practicality and impossibility.


From as far back as my memory can recall, I’ve known I was made to live beyond any limitation that threatened to stifle my full potential. Although there were times I allowed myself to be sidetracked, there was a driving force within that wouldn’t allow me to settle for less than what I knew was best for me. 

After graduating from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and working for the federal government for 16 years, I knew there had to be more to life. This realization prompted me to take a major leap of faith - resigning from my job to be home with my girls and starting something of my own. That "something" initially turned out to be a couple of home-based businesses. Both proved to be keys that unlocked a whole new world of possibilities and reawakened the knowing that had been with me all along.

One of my many dreams has been to help others (mainly women) live beyond the stereotypes and restrictions placed on them by other people. Another of my (unspoken) dreams was to write a book. My love for books began at the age of eleven. I awaited the annual book fair at my elementary school with anticipation. Something about flipping through a freshly printed book, releasing the unique smell of fresh ink on paper excited me. Throughout the year's books became my friends, often answering questions I, at times, was too embarrassed to ask aloud. The comfort and truth I found in books led to the desire to write my own as a way of helping others the way so many books had helped me.

I'm a firm believer that with God all things are possible. So when I sensed the heavenly encouragement to write a book, I took the advice of Henry David Thoreau, knowing that magic awaits at the intersection of faith and works. 

My debut book, "Guilt-Free Mommy," is an offering to moms who are wrestling with the harassing force of mommy guilt. Having been included in the number of moms doing our best, but never feeling that our best is good enough, I uncover mommy guilt's M.O., giving moms they tools they need to overcome it, and the peace of mind that comes as a result.  


Dayna lives in Indiana with her husband, Franklin, daughters, Jaicie and Justyce, and Golden-doodle, Shiloh.



This book was EVERYTHING I needed in this season. Dayna has the tone of a girlfriend and teacher. I’ve never felt safe enough to express my mommy guilt or even knew how to articulate it, but Dayna did that so graciously and beautifully. Every mom (and dad) could benefit from reading this. 

I have one BIG problem with the book - I needed this years ago!!!! I LOVE IT, and I know if other moms read it, they will love it too. It's phenomenal and so needed.

Linda R.

Oh, my goodness, this's so good and timely for me. There is so much in these chapters, it is sooo very rich. This is not a book you want to zip through. There are so many golden nuggets. Go slow and let it speak to your heart. What an amazing book.

Nicole T.

Lisa M. 

I don’t have children, but I often wondered about the guilt that comes with being a mom. This book uncovers the truth of mommy guilt and gives practical application on how to deal with it. Definitely a must have for moms and even those who want to be a mom someday.

Ashley M.

I didn't realize I had been carrying mommy guilt until I starting reading this book. There are nuggets and takeaways to help moms navigate through and break mommy guilt. This is a topic you don't hear much about. This book is needed for moms of all ages!

Robin M.

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